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Frustrated With Home Networking? The WiFi Guy Can Help!

Frustrated with the performance of your home network? Feel a little lost when buying new home networking devices? Do you feel a little more lost when trying to set it all up? I get it! Setting up a home network that actually works can be a daunting task. Allow me to put an end to your frustration. Let the WiFi website/Home IT Handbook combo shed some light on your path to an Awesome Home Network. Get it done right without the “help” of annoying nerds or pushy sales associates.

Home IT Handbook

A detailed 460-page guide that walks you through basic to advanced configurations in a very graphical, easy to understand way. The Home IT Handbook helps you make the most of all your networking devices.

Device Reviews

Top home networking devices reviewed and grouped by features that demonstrate their best use.This makes your search less confusing and helps you find devices that are right for your situation.

YouTube Channel

Home networking device reviews and video tutorials on setting up, touble shooting and upgrading your home wireless network. Designed to help you go from computer novice to Home IT Guru!

Who Is The WiFi Guy?


They call me “Jerry” or “JJ.” I’ve been a Tech Support Specialist for over 25 years. I may not look like much of a geek but deep down that’s what I am. I’m also a regular guy who likes sports, good food, cracking jokes, and hanging out with friends. In my daily interactions, I enjoy making technology more understandable for people. I love being there when the “light goes on” and a person suddenly “gets it.” Learning computer networking opened a whole new world for me and I’d like to share that world with my subscribers and everyone who downloads my Free eBook.


This site is meant to be more than just another “shopping site.” WiFi is designed to help you find the right technology for your situation without overspending. The Home IT Handbook takes it a step further by helping you set it all up. Soon I’ll be cranking out home networking videos on my Youtube Channel to compliment both. Please use my Contact page for any feedback or requests. Thanks for visiting! – Jerry Jones (WiFi Guy)

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